Why Me?

Hey, today I am going to be writing about where some people get their insecurities from. Many

people say they are just like that. Well, that is not always true. Some time there is many reasons.

But mine came from only one thing. The way some people talked to me while I was growing up.

They would say I would not get any kind of education, I would never find some one that would

love me and want to spend the rest of their life with. That I would never do good for any one. I

was good for nothing. I wondered than, why was I even born than?

Some people would say that, that should not affect me in any way, but it did. The words

that this one people said to me over and over day after day, year after year. The words burnt

in to my brain and I just could not throw those words out of my brain. That is because of the one

person that was suppose to be my mentor and some one I looked up to and loved very much.

It took a very long time and some one very special to my heart. This person is my husband

Grant. I would call him a hundred times a day, just to hear him say I love you and I will be home

after work. This took Grant many years to get what was drilled in my head  out . Still there is

some days when my days are not going so good, I will full back in that mode some times, most

of the time I can get y self out on my own but some times I have to call Grant, my love husband

of 15 years to help me with that problem once again.

If Grant did not come along when he did, I would probably still be the way I use to be. God know

I needed some one very special to help me. I believe that God knew how special Grant is and

so God sent me Grant. Grant is an amazing husband. I thank God every day for him.  Thanks to

God and Grant , I received my GED, I am starting back into college in the spring. Grant supports

me in what ever decision I make. I still make mistakes, I am not perfect, never will be.

Keeping the faith


I am not trying to make any one mad. I just have a few questions for Men.

I have a 21-year-old son and the way he thinks about women is not the way

his father and I raised him. So I would like to know some answers from men

to see if any other man thinks the way my son does. So here we go. Does

men really know what their mate really likes or really wants in life? I am not

talking about their favorite colors or shirt. Do men think that their mate is

weak or strong willed? My son wants his wife after they get married to stay

home. Does men want their mates help? Even if their mate earns more than

he does!

Most women can tell you what her mate wants. Why ? Two words. We

listen!!  Women do not just listen with our ears, we listen with our hearts.

When you say your marriage vows to your mate one both become one.

You still are you and your mate is still your mate. Listen to your mate

as you would want someone to listen to you.  This is a woman’s point of

view.  Make each other happy as much as both of you can. Learn as much

as you can about each other.

Keeping the faith                             Would love for all to comment , if wish too.

about- the- Author

Hi, my name is Sue Helms, I am a 42 years old. I am from up state New York. I married a wonderful Man 15 years ago

this month. Although we have been together for 22 years in March. He is the love of my life, my soul mate, my friend.

We have 4 wonderful boys(when they want to be). The ages rage from 16 to 21, so they are not babies anymore. I have

been a stay at home mother for over 16 years. I am returning to college in the spring of 2012. Some people call me

crazy, I maybe but that is the way the Lord made me, take that as you may. I am writing this blog for many reason

but here is only a few, religion, to give my opinion and other different reasons. God has blessed my life so much.

I thank God for want he has already given me and what God is going to give me for the rest of the time I am on

this earth until the day God decides to take me home with him.

I am dedicating my blog to all of my family and friends that has and is still encouraging me in what I need and

wants to do. You all have a very special place in my heart, I love you all very much. Thank you.

Keeping the faith

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