I am not trying to make any one mad. I just have a few questions for Men.

I have a 21-year-old son and the way he thinks about women is not the way

his father and I raised him. So I would like to know some answers from men

to see if any other man thinks the way my son does. So here we go. Does

men really know what their mate really likes or really wants in life? I am not

talking about their favorite colors or shirt. Do men think that their mate is

weak or strong willed? My son wants his wife after they get married to stay

home. Does men want their mates help? Even if their mate earns more than

he does!

Most women can tell you what her mate wants. Why ? Two words. We

listen!!  Women do not just listen with our ears, we listen with our hearts.

When you say your marriage vows to your mate one both become one.

You still are you and your mate is still your mate. Listen to your mate

as you would want someone to listen to you.  This is a woman’s point of

view.  Make each other happy as much as both of you can. Learn as much

as you can about each other.

Keeping the faith                             Would love for all to comment , if wish too.

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