Why Me?

Hey, today I am going to be writing about where some people get their insecurities from. Many

people say they are just like that. Well, that is not always true. Some time there is many reasons.

But mine came from only one thing. The way some people talked to me while I was growing up.

They would say I would not get any kind of education, I would never find some one that would

love me and want to spend the rest of their life with. That I would never do good for any one. I

was good for nothing. I wondered than, why was I even born than?

Some people would say that, that should not affect me in any way, but it did. The words

that this one people said to me over and over day after day, year after year. The words burnt

in to my brain and I just could not throw those words out of my brain. That is because of the one

person that was suppose to be my mentor and some one I looked up to and loved very much.

It took a very long time and some one very special to my heart. This person is my husband

Grant. I would call him a hundred times a day, just to hear him say I love you and I will be home

after work. This took Grant many years to get what was drilled in my head  out . Still there is

some days when my days are not going so good, I will full back in that mode some times, most

of the time I can get y self out on my own but some times I have to call Grant, my love husband

of 15 years to help me with that problem once again.

If Grant did not come along when he did, I would probably still be the way I use to be. God know

I needed some one very special to help me. I believe that God knew how special Grant is and

so God sent me Grant. Grant is an amazing husband. I thank God every day for him.  Thanks to

God and Grant , I received my GED, I am starting back into college in the spring. Grant supports

me in what ever decision I make. I still make mistakes, I am not perfect, never will be.

Keeping the faith

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