Sams Graduation

I know I am about a month late, sorry. Our young son graduation from high school the end of May. I can’t believe that soon Sam will be going off to college. Sam graduated with highest honors from school. I look back and it’s like yesterday that he was starting kindergarten. Wow, I didn’t think that the years flow by, but I guess they did. We are so proud. 2013-05-28 12.11.45 - Copy 100_3252 100_3247

Enjoying writing

I am enjoying writing for Flash in the Pan. If you enjoy writing come check out  This really makes me think and I enjoy writing. Thanks Red very much. I can’t wait until July 1st. for the new flash in the Pan words. Red , you make this fun.

I need Coffee( WARNING)

Hot Coffee, Mississippi. Can I live here?   Do you want to get your head bite off at five o’clock in the morning? NO! Than, please don’t ask me anything that requires me to think, until I have my first two cups , preferably, two pots of coffee. I would like to thank you a head of time.

This is so true! I have a huge cup that I drink Silver Bridge Coffee in every morning. The hot flash word is Coffee. Flash in the pan

I am not a happy camper without my COFFEE.  Come have some fun

The cup in this picture still is not big enough.

The Wine No One Drank

Vintage Wine

Ann had never bought wine in her life. She decided to buy a bottle for a gathering that she had been invited to. When Ann arrived, Jackie opened the chilled bottle and poured a glass. Jackie about threw up. This is the worst wine I ever tasted.

Hot Flash word for the week: Wine

Flash in the Pan

Half Baked

Katie ran, she didn’t know want else to do. She know that if she didn’t run her husband would kill her this time. Katie found a small town that she thought she could hide in and for awhile she did. Than the police got a apb on her for murder. She didn’t  kill him. She admitted that she stabbed him, but there was no way that she could have parboiled his head, he was still alive when she lefted.

Challenge word for the week: Parboiled.

Flash in the Pan

I enjoy writing , this gets me to think out of the box. Come join us at

I see Chocolate

I wanted something, I didn’t know what. I went through the door of the store. Looking around, something hit my taste buds.Rich, dark, creamy, melts in your mouth, just thinking about it made my mouth water even more. I walked to the aisle, turned around, CHOCOLATE.


Hot Flash challenge word: Chocolate. 

Flash in the Pan

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses 





The Rude Waitress

Tammy and I went for lunch at a diner around the corner. The waitress came and took our order, she came back and slammed the plates on the table,and hurried away. Tammy said, there is a hair in my food. She started to remove it, I told her don’t and called the waitress back over, explained there is a hair in my friends food. She looked at us like we were crazy, and said yea what am I suppose to do about that?

Flash in the Pan challenge word is waitress.

Would you like to have some fun? Come join us.

The Ugly Tablecloth

Lee was having coffee with Maya , when Jack decided to make a designing change for their home. When Lee returned home there was the ugliest tablecloth on her table. The colors was yellows, greens, oranges and pink in a plaid design. That was the first thing that caught her eye when she walked in. Jack said, You like babe? If you like it Jack, you can lay on it in the dog house tonight.

Challenge word for Flash in The Pan is Tablecloth

Our Garden

The garden was growing so beautiful with big red tomatoes, potatoes,corn, and other fruits and vegetables. We went out the next morning to harvest the garden and it was destroyed.  It took months of hard work for the garden to be beautiful. Those scurvy little monsters destroyed our beautiful garden in one night.

Flash in the Pan

Challenge word : Scruvy


Sue was sitting in the cantina having a drink trying to cool down after arguing with Renée, when she comes in and sits down at a table and orders a beer. Sue just sits there, but her blood starts to boil again. She gets up walks over to Renée punches her in the face and dumps her beer over her head. Sue strolls back over like nothing happened and downs her shot.

The Flash in the Pan word is Cantina.

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