Colors on the Wall

There was a beautiful crystal figurine sitting on the shelf. Harley ended up staring at it. Thinking how beautiful the figurine is with the sun beaming through the window and hitting it. The different colors shown on the walls and floor. There was red, blue, green , yellow and purple all around the room. The sun took the time to find the right object to shine beautiful colors through to show That,  the day was going to be enjoyable one.

You can find beauty in many things if you stop and look.

Flash in the Pan

word of the day: Crystal



I was walking along the road for many days.  I was tired and stressed but I continued to walk. I came up on a fork in the road and stopped. I stood there for a while thinking about which way should I go. Asking myself which  fork should I take? Not knowing where I would end up so I took the road to the right that did not have many trees. I just walked and thought  not knowing where I would end up at. I seen a few different kind of animals like a deer,a  rabbit and many birds. I just kept strolling down the road without a care in the world, feeling like I did not belong any where but I know I did. When I stop in front on this house there was people out side. The people that mattered the most to me, that includes you.

Sometimes I feel alone but than a friend stops by and makes me feel better.

word for the day: Fork     Flash in the Pan


Amy walked around the corner and saw an older man hovering over other man buffet the man in the head. She screamed and ran away. The older man ran after Amy.

Word of the day Buffet. Flash in the Pan.


Ann Marie and I were on our no children, no men trip. We were sitting in a fancy restaurant, when the sommelier came over. Ann Marie knew more about wine than I did,she picked a Chateau LaFile-Rothschild. The sommelier said ” that is a great choice”. My mouth dropped open in shock, when she said the wine was $2000. per bottle.

The word for the day is Sommelier. Flash in the Pan

I like writing.


Kim moved into a beautiful little cottage. The cottage had a galley kitchen. One day she woke up and found water all down the hall. She know the water was coming from the water heater, but couldn’t find the key to open the door to the water heater.

Flash in the pan. word of the day Galley

There is many things you can write about in a Flash fiction.


We was sitting at the restaurant  having dinner.  The bus boy came to clear the table next to ours. All of a sudden there was a crash and a bang. The manger came over yelling ” That is coming on of your paycheck, you Clumsy Fool, this is the third tray of dishes you dropped this week!”

Busboy is the word of the day.  Flash in the Pan

If you would like to write flash fiction go to the


Grant made reservations at my favorite restaurant for my birthday. He planned everything , ordered our dinner, the cake over the phone. At 5: 30 he said, “Get your purple dress on. We have to go.” I looked at him like he was crazy, in complete surprise. He had to have help, I know who helped him. She is the only one that knows me like he does.

I am doing this because my oldest son said I do not know how to write.

word for the day Reservations- Flash in the Pan


When Joy and Vicki were young, Vicki’s family moved away. The friends found each other after  fifteen years. Talking on the phone one day, Vicki told Joy that she had to go on business trip in Columbia, South Carolina. Joy said, I live twenty minutes from there. They set a time and date at a small diner that Joy knows. Joy almost didn’t recognize Vicki.

This is for Flash in the Pan. The of the day is Diner

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