The Ugly Tablecloth

Lee was having coffee with Maya , when Jack decided to make a designing change for their home. When Lee returned home there was the ugliest tablecloth on her table. The colors was yellows, greens, oranges and pink in a plaid design. That was the first thing that caught her eye when she walked in. Jack said, You like babe? If you like it Jack, you can lay on it in the dog house tonight.

Challenge word for Flash in The Pan is Tablecloth


Our Garden

The garden was growing so beautiful with big red tomatoes, potatoes,corn, and other fruits and vegetables. We went out the next morning to harvest the garden and it was destroyed.  It took months of hard work for the garden to be beautiful. Those scurvy little monsters destroyed our beautiful garden in one night.

Flash in the Pan

Challenge word : Scruvy


Sue was sitting in the cantina having a drink trying to cool down after arguing with Renée, when she comes in and sits down at a table and orders a beer. Sue just sits there, but her blood starts to boil again. She gets up walks over to Renée punches her in the face and dumps her beer over her head. Sue strolls back over like nothing happened and downs her shot.

The Flash in the Pan word is Cantina.

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