The Dream

Tom  had a crazy dream, he went forward in time, to murder the senator.





Flash in the Pan 

word of the week : Forward

Word count 75. I wrote this in 14 words.


Mr. Long only to return to murder his wife, for not cooking jambalaya the way he likes it.





Flash in the Pan

Word count 18

Max word count 50

The Saw Mill

Carlos went to reach for the door, fell on a whip saw.

He died by a saw protruding though his chest.

What a bloody mess!!



Flash In the Pan

Word for the week: Reach

I wrote this in 24 words with the max word court at 50.

Everyone thought the killer was right handed.

After the corner finished his report, the report revealed that the killer was actually a left handed person.

Flash in the Pan

Word for the week : Left

The max word count is 75. I wrote this in 25

You want to have some fun come join us.

The Walk

Sara was out of her mind with grief. Everyone was always around and she needed some time to herself.

She decided to embark on  something new and get away.

Flash in the Pan

Word count 50, I wrote this in 28 words

Come see us at

The Fight

Sara and her parents had been fighting. She didn’t want to deal with any more, so knowing that she would be in trouble she still went to the mall with her friends.

When she walked in the door, her father started yelling at her.

At midnight, the house was dark and quit, Sara walked backward from her parents room, watching to  see if their bloody bodies were moving.

The next morning, Sara woke up and dressed for school. When she left, her parents hadn’t came from their room.

Flash in the Pan

Word for the week: Backward

word count 150 I wrote this in 88 words

The Promise

Jen wanted something for her self.

Every one in her family, saying,  she will not amount to anything.

She will have nothing. Jen is determined to make something of her self and not regress  to her old ways of drinking and drugs.

Jen made a promise to her dying   grandmother that she is so intent to keep, even if it kills her.

Flash in the Pan

Word of the week: Regress

The max words was 75, I completed this in 63.

Come join us at M3 and have some fun.

The Walk Home

Tina’s ride never shown up, so at one AM she started walking home. Four blocks away, she looked over her right shoulder and saw a bloody body.

Tina took off running for home. She wasn’t sticking around to see if it was alive or dead.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: Right

Word count for the word is 75, I did this one in 45

The Bar

Louise is at the bar having a few drinks, when a drunk woman comes up and starts running her mouth. Louise orders another drink, then moves to other area of the bar. The woman follows her.

Louise looks at the woman and says” Please go ahead and make my day ! I dare you !”

The woman asks ” What are you going to do about it, witch?” With a smug look on her face, Louise lets her .357 answer.

Flash in the Pan

word of the week is GO

Max word count 150. I wrote this in 77 words

The Bean Lunch

Tom Bean, the mayor of Honeyville, is at his desk having his bean lunch,  Cindy at the front desk, heard Tom yelling, again. She saw a shadow egress the side door.

After waiting on a customer, she goes to the supply closet and notices Tom hunched over his desk with his face in his beans, dead.

A month later, and two others found dead with their faces in bean bowls, the police, finally caught the shadow. The shadow said, ” I had to before their pungent bean stench killed us.




Flash in the Pan 

word of the week: Egress

word count 150

I wrote this in 89 words

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