The Family Business

Susan has been working at the family business for years. Susan’s father wants her brother to take over, so he can travel, but Greg doesn’t want it.

Susan wonders when is her father going to realize, she really wants to run everything. She wants to climb the ladder of success, even if it kills him.

Flash in the Pan 

word of the week: Travel

word count 150

I did this in 50


The Bean Lunch

Tom Bean, the mayor of Honeyville, is at his desk having his bean lunch,  Cindy at the front desk, heard Tom yelling, again. She saw a shadow egress the side door.

After waiting on a customer, she goes to the supply closet and notices Tom hunched over his desk with his face in his beans, dead.

A month later, and two others found dead with their faces in bean bowls, the police, finally caught the shadow. The shadow said, ” I had to before their pungent bean stench killed us.




Flash in the Pan 

word of the week: Egress

word count 150

I wrote this in 89 words


Kenny had another fight with his father and called Timmy.

Kenny said, ” I am going to kill my father. I am tired of him hitting me”.

Timmy was shocked to hear Kenny wanted to kill his father. Timmy said, “I am coming over to see if I can help”.

No one answered the door, knowing where the key was Timmy came around the house, he saw Kenny’s father towering over his friends lifeless body.




Flash in the Pan    

Word for the week Around

word count is 75, I wrote this in 73 words.


Today is our  youngest sons Sam 18th birthday. I feel very sad that I can’t be with him today. Yesterday, he started on his goal, at North Greenville  University.  I am going to miss him but I know this day was coming for years. I know he is going to do his best and I know that God is with him. I remember,when Sam started kindergarten and It feels like yesterday. I am so proud of all my children and love them all very much. I thank God with all my heart for my children.


The Judge

The shadow in the night, one man walked away while the other fell to the ground, with a BANG! A MURDER! In the progress of the investigation the list of suspects grew enormously. The deceased Judge Theodore Robert Rutherford.  Many people wanted “the Judge” dead.  The officials, are not surprised that the judge had been murdered.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: Progress

word count 100, I wrote this with 56 words.

The Kiss

On a hot summer night at Bear Lake, Lilly and Edward was sitting on the shore. Edward leaned over to kiss Lilly. Lily moved over and said NO! Edward  I am not ready, yet. Edward said, please come back over here, I am sorry. But you are beautiful and I just want to taste your cherry red lips. Lily moved back over a little closer to him. Then the moon hit her face and Edward leaned over and gave lily a tender kiss that she had never had before.

Flash in the Pan 

Word for the week is : Come

The Inheritance

Jen received her inheritance from her grandfather, everyone was trying to tell her what to do with it. But she promised her grandfather that she would use it for a down payment on a small house. Jen found the house and did just that.The first night Jen is unpacking and heard a noise. She chalked it up as it’s a new house and went to bed. That is not the case, because the next morning the pictures of her grandfather was moved to a different room.

Flash in the Pan: word is Down

Sams Graduation

I know I am about a month late, sorry. Our young son graduation from high school the end of May. I can’t believe that soon Sam will be going off to college. Sam graduated with highest honors from school. I look back and it’s like yesterday that he was starting kindergarten. Wow, I didn’t think that the years flow by, but I guess they did. We are so proud. 2013-05-28 12.11.45 - Copy 100_3252 100_3247

Enjoying writing

I am enjoying writing for Flash in the Pan. If you enjoy writing come check out  This really makes me think and I enjoy writing. Thanks Red very much. I can’t wait until July 1st. for the new flash in the Pan words. Red , you make this fun.

I need Coffee( WARNING)

Hot Coffee, Mississippi. Can I live here?   Do you want to get your head bite off at five o’clock in the morning? NO! Than, please don’t ask me anything that requires me to think, until I have my first two cups , preferably, two pots of coffee. I would like to thank you a head of time.

This is so true! I have a huge cup that I drink Silver Bridge Coffee in every morning. The hot flash word is Coffee. Flash in the pan

I am not a happy camper without my COFFEE.  Come have some fun

The cup in this picture still is not big enough.

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