I was walking along the road for many days.  I was tired and stressed but I continued to walk. I came up on a fork in the road and stopped. I stood there for a while thinking about which way should I go. Asking myself which  fork should I take? Not knowing where I would end up so I took the road to the right that did not have many trees. I just walked and thought  not knowing where I would end up at. I seen a few different kind of animals like a deer,a  rabbit and many birds. I just kept strolling down the road without a care in the world, feeling like I did not belong any where but I know I did. When I stop in front on this house there was people out side. The people that mattered the most to me, that includes you.

Sometimes I feel alone but than a friend stops by and makes me feel better.

word for the day: Fork     Flash in the Pan

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