People who hurt People

Why do people think they can lie and it is okay? I am sorry, to have any kind of relationships( friends,  intimate relationships) they all have to have only the truth from day one. Because if one person in the relationship is lying   than there is No relationship, even if the one person is trying hard to form it. Relationships are based on Truths, Not lies. You can try all you both what but the lies are always going to be in between you both. When you tell one lie, than you will have to tell another one, than another one. The lies will get bigger and bigger, until one day the lies will all come out. Than everyone involves gets  hurt worse than if you did not lie to begin with. Lies can escalate into threats and indiscretions in people’s lives. Why can’t people take responsibly for their own actions and words and stop blaming other people. Why does people want to involve people who don’t want to get involved in the situation or situations at hand? Other people have their own problems or situations there are dealing with. Some people have health issues that they don’t need the stress of all the drama that other people what to throw in this world today. People need to take a step back and look at their situation and    look at their own lives and see if they really want to take that road. Some people keep going down the some road over and over again. Lies just don’t hurt you as a person but what about your friends, your family or ( like Reba said in her song), those babies down the hall. Lies put stress on every relationship and may even destroy the relationship.

Lies are not a responsible choose to make for anyone. In the Bible there are Gods laws and They are the TEN COMMANDMENTS. EXODUS 20   :16 “You shall not bear faults witness against your neighbor.” ( faults witness is lying to people)

When I find out that a person lied to my husband or my self, it hurts me to the point I get upset and sometimes even mad enough to where when I am finished with what I have to say to that persons face there is no relationship and there will never be another one between that person and my husband and my self. If a persons lies to us and we find out (depending on the situation) we will remain friends but the trust is gone and they have to earn our trust back. Trust is a very hard thing to earn back in my book because when I give my heart to someone, I give all of it. So when someone breaks it they don’t break a piece, they break the whole heart. Everyone I know, even my husband says, I wear my heart on my sleeve of my shirt. I may do but that’s the way the Lord made me. I am sorry if I stepped on your toes….

Keeping the Faith

about- the- Author

Hi, my name is Sue Helms, I am a 42 years old. I am from up state New York. I married a wonderful Man 15 years ago

this month. Although we have been together for 22 years in March. He is the love of my life, my soul mate, my friend.

We have 4 wonderful boys(when they want to be). The ages rage from 16 to 21, so they are not babies anymore. I have

been a stay at home mother for over 16 years. I am returning to college in the spring of 2012. Some people call me

crazy, I maybe but that is the way the Lord made me, take that as you may. I am writing this blog for many reason

but here is only a few, religion, to give my opinion and other different reasons. God has blessed my life so much.

I thank God for want he has already given me and what God is going to give me for the rest of the time I am on

this earth until the day God decides to take me home with him.

I am dedicating my blog to all of my family and friends that has and is still encouraging me in what I need and

wants to do. You all have a very special place in my heart, I love you all very much. Thank you.

Keeping the faith

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